We believe physical beauty could impact on self-value. For that, we are on a mission to help women empower themselves by utilizing what’s been a tool since centuries ago which is none other than today we simply call it as beauty products.

Since day one we were in business, integrity and ethic were the core values in our business practice and it will continue that way.

ÔÇó Providing quality beauty products that are accessible & affordable to majority of women.
ÔÇó To help women aware of their self-value.

To become a beauty & fashion platform that women will find EYEMIMO® not just another cosmetic brand in the saturated market of beauty industry, but as a source of inspiration for women who are out and about to tackle modern life.



Our company was co-founded in 2004 by Jenny Permanasari. It began from Jenny’s passion about beauty products and with her mission to empower women through beauty. As a Licensed Cosmetologist who intended to open a beauty salon/spa, she understood very well that false eyelashes was one of the most important beauty product every woman should wore to complete the look. With beauty experience in her hand and tech background that she earned during college and a career in tech, she launched an online store specializing in QUALITY false eyelashes.

In 2007, the Eyemimo® brand was created to offer a wide variety of false eyelashes. Eyemimo® rapidly became a global leader in the production and distribution of hand-crafted, artificial eyelash designs to beauty boutiques, spas, beauty salons, makeup studios, retailers and other independent vendors across the United States and around the world. Each eyelashes set is assembled by hand in Indonesia from only the finest natural and manmade materials including both synthetic and sterilized human hair.

In hope to help the US economy, in 2013 Eyemimo® starts introducing Made in USA Mineral Makeup Foundation which is formulated with only with mineral ingredients, fragrance-free and dye-free. The foundation provides long-lasting, lightweight coverage that allows the skin to breathe. Other type of beauty products such as eye shadow, eyeliner and nail polish are also added into Eyemimo®.

Jenny remains her role to be the creative force to the company. She is a 1999 graduate of San Jose State University, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information System.

Eyemimo Milestones & Facts