Bri Ellis - Portland Makeup & Hair
Featured MUA

Featured MUA: Bri Ellis from Portland, Oregon

November 30, 2017 Editor 0

This Thanksgiving month, Eyemimo is being thankful for receiving continued love from talented makeup artist across the country. It has been a little over a year that every month Eyemimo has been delightfully featuring those […]


How to Reduce Double Chin?

October 11, 2017 Editor 0

Since digital age becomes part of almost everyone’s life, including taking photo has been very easy with smartphone always ready on hand. Some may become conscious on how the look on photo. Perhaps, the problem […]

Parmita Katkar - Blush With Me

Learn How to Pose for Camera

September 7, 2017 Editor 0

Since smartphone started to be part of many people’s life in the past years, taking photo or “selfie” becomes a norm. Then, it comes social media where influencers post their photos in appealing poses. You […]

Easy Halloween Makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup

September 6, 2017 Editor 0

There’s still plenty of time before Halloween. If you have been trying to DIY for Halloween. Perhaps, this is the time. There are tons of halloween makeup tutorial on Youtube ranging from skill at the […]

Renee of

All About Sunscreen SPF and Re-apply

September 4, 2017 Editor 0

Summer is almost over. However, it does not mean we can stop applying sunscreen. Read why in detail from a blog post by Cynthia Bailey, Sebastopol, CA Dermatologist & Skin Care Expert, Do you need […]

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