Urine as Skin Care

When something unusual caught your eyes, do they stay in your mind at least for a period of time? It does on me. One example, this morning, while I scrolled through my e-mails, the subject of “Urine on The Face” caught my eyes and I opened the e-mail which came from Skin Inc magazine and on to clicking the following link to read the full article from their website, SkinInc.com

In summary, urine has a major component of urea which is a popular skin care ingredient to hydrate and exfoliate skin. I have seen urea listed as part of the ingredients on several hand or foot cream that I purchased. However, at the end the article says “while it won’t cause harm and might even provide a little benefit, applying urine to the face isn’t nearly as effective as today’s skin care treatments and products.”

I will stick with skin care :-) How about you?


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