Featured MUA: Dallas Merkley from Portland, Oregon

Dallas Merkley Portland Oregon Makeup Artist

This month, we are delighted to feature Portland based Makeup Artist, Dallas Merkley who started to use Eyemimo false eyelashes in 2015. Dallas is one of those people who knows what she wants to be before graduating from high school. Read her story from the Q & A below.

Eyemimo: Please tell us about yourself?

Dallas: I got started in the industry at a very young age. My goal was to be self employed by having the most rewarding job possible. At 16 I began attending beauty school & graduated 6 months after receiving my high school diploma. I jumped right into the industry when I began taking wedding clients & doing hair & makeup for photo shoots. I was young & scared, but fortunately a few amazing people took a chance by hiring me & the rest is history. At the age of 24 I have now proudly worked with hundreds of brides & applied makeup to thousands of faces. Outside of the beauty world I am a girl of many hobbies! I have an amazing husband of 3 years who I work alongside as well. He is a wedding photographer & we take advantage of any opportunity to collaborate. I absolutely love to cook, play in my garden & spend time with my loved ones. I don’t go a day without laughing & I love making other people laugh & smile.

Merkley Artistry Portland Oregon

Eyemimo: What do you like the most and the least being makeup artist?

Dallas: Being a makeup artist of course has it’s challenges at times, but the good always outweighs the bad. One of the current challenges I face is helping my clients to see the difference between temporary trends that are influenced by social media & real life. My favorite type of makeup is the makeup that enhances my clients features, not hides them. I love imperfections & I dislike the idea that every “flaw” needs to be eliminated or covered. I absolutely agree that your wedding day is the day to look your VERY best, but why not look like you? 95% of my brides hire me because they admire my desire not to change them, but occasionally there is one I need to reassure is beautiful without the heavy contouring & spackled skin. I will admit in the past I am guilty of heavily contouring a client & not letting their true beauty shine though – but now that I am more confident & able to separate trends from reality I can finally provide the type of services I am truly passionate about.

My favorite part about being a makeup artist is the relationships I create with my clients. Throughout months of planning I get to know a lot of my brides in such a way that I care for them as if they are more my friend than a client. I have cried sad & happy tears with my brides, been the one to pull them out of a slump the morning of their wedding, ran errands for them, surprised them with the hair extensions they couldn’t afford to buy, & so much more. Most importantly though, they make me feel my very best. The joy they bring to ME by having me take on such a huge task is such an indescribable feeling.

Merkley Artistry Portland Oregon

Eyemimo: Do you have any makeup advice that you would like to share with us?

Dallas: I’m sure you have heard the saying “there are no rules to makeup.” How true is that? There is not only ONE way to do something. The advice I always give & feel very strongly about is what I mentioned above. I don’t have a tip for makeup application – but more the influence makeup has on self esteem & confidence.  I refuse to let social media set the standard for how your skin should look or how flawless your eye makeup is. One thing I always say is “it’s okay to have pores! we need them!” No doubt this generation is extremely talented when it comes to makeup. There are many gorgeous men & women out there with flawless skin. However, I think of the young boys & girls who are daily fighting to meet these expectations. I want them to know that EVERYONE has pores. We all have a little facial hair here & there, occasionally we break out too. Texture on your skin is okay, I promise. It’s okay if your lips aren’t as big as you want them or your nose is a touch crooked. That is what makes you, YOU! That is who your friends & family love. Please do not look at these photos & think less of yourself for not looking the same way. It isn’t the standard, the majority of the world doesn’t look this way anyway. If putting on more makeup & altering your look is what makes you happy, then by all means go for it! Just remember that it is okay to look like you.

Eyemimo:  Is there anything else you want to share with us? such as the highlight moment of your career.

Dallas: A highlight of my career was definitely when my husband & I were able to begin working together. We know each others style so well that we just work great as a team. Working with him has helped me improve SO much on my makeup application. When I see the RAW photos of my work I get to take note of what did & did not photograph the way I hoped it would. I’ve noticed that every detail of the eye makeup & skin work really does show up on camera & it pays off to take the extra time to perfect your work before sending the client down the isle. I love learning & I am so excited to see how I grow in the years to come!

To learn more about makeup service offered by Dallas, visit her website at www.merkleyartistry.com


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