How to Re-create Emma Stone’s Oscar 2017 Makeup

The Best Actress of 89th Academy Awards Oscar 2017, Emma Stone looks radiant on her gold gown by Givenchy. Her gown is a simple and classic spaghetti strap long gown with emphasize on the luxurious gold tone fabric. She compliments the gold gown with gold high heel sandals.

As for the makeup, again as classic as it gets, only emphasize on the lips by wearing red lipstick. Her eye makeup looks very simple, only gold eye shadow on and her eyelashes looks subtle.

To recreate Emma’s, as far as her lashes go, we recommend Eyemimo False Eyelashes style #NTR38.

Eyemimo False Eyelashes Style #NTR38


Emma Stone – Oscar 2017 Best Actress wears Givenchy Gown


Emma Stone – Oscar 2017 Best Actress