Janelle Monae’s Beauty & Gown at Oscar 2017

Janelle Monae looks very stunning from head to toe arriving to the Oscar 2017. Her earthy tone eye makeup and nude pink lipstick definitely go very well with her gown by Elie Saab Couture Dress seen on the photo below. Janelle’s makeup and gown can be used as an example. If you plan to wear a gown that already looks outstanding, tone down the makeup just like Janelle. If you look closely the photo above, her makeup is somewhat mellow, wearing false eyelashes would greatly help to go hand in hand with her magnificent gown. 

Now if you wonder what style of false eyelashes that looks similar like what Janelle wears, take a look our false eyelashes style #GLM12 pictured below. That can be the answer.

EYEMIMO False Eyeashes style #GLM12
EYEMIMO False Eyeashes style #GLM12

Janelle Monae Oscar 2017 Dress2
Image Source : Getty / Kevin Mazur


Janelle Monae Elie Saab Couture Dress
Image Source : Getty / Frazer Harrison