Beauty Trend From Paris Fashion Week 2017

Let’s see what beauty trend we can pick from Paris Fashion Week 2017 which runs nine days from February 28th to March 8th 2017.

From Harper’s Bazaar article written by Jenna Rosenstein, we find one that we like.

The Look: Golden Eyes (and Nails)
How-To: This season is all about touches of metallics: a little silver swept under the eye, a little copper pressed on the center of the lid. At Alexis Mabille, gold was the element du jour, and it carried all the way down on the runway from the eyes to the foiled gold boots. Makeup artist Lloyd Simmons painted a gold pigment across the models’ eyelids in a brushstroke pattern. The rest of the face we left bare. The eyes were only matched in shine-factor by the gold chrome nails.

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