Summer Makeup Inspirations for Brides and Bridal Party

In North America, summer will be officially arriving in 3 days. When the heat is real, we surely do not want to see our face melt and become an abstract painting. know, I am exaggerating it.

But still, we really do want to avoid that makeup melting moment. It is unavoidable actually. The only way to prevent it, really, wear less makeup as much as possible during summer unless we are talking that we can stay in the air-conditioned room at all times.

Summer is also a popular season for wedding. For those of you who will become bride in the summer or those of you who will join in at the wedding party, be as maid of honor, bridesmaid or guest, below are bridal makeup inspirations.

1. Summer Makeup Inspiration – Golden Goddess


Glimmer Hair & Makeup North Carolina
Photo Credit: Glimmer Hair & Makeup

This makeup by Glimmer Hair and Makeup is simply effortless goddess-like. The outstanding part of the overall look is the golden hair with a touch of false eyelashes and eyeshadow to enhance the eyes. As far as blush and lipstick, they appear to be just tints to create a healthy radiant looking face.

Glimmer Hair and Makeup is based in North Carolina. Visit them at orsee their gallery on Instagram at @glimmerhairandmakeup

2. Summer Makeup Inspiration – Sister of Golden Goddess

Blossom and Beauty Portland, Oregon
Photo Credit: Blossom & Beauty

On this second inspiration, Blossom & Beauty applies similar concept with Glimmer Hair & Makeup (above). The ultimate goal is to create a goddess look. Play down the hair, instead of straight, this goddess wears medium curl. As for makeup, adding Eyemimo cluster eyelash extensions and neutral brownish copper color eyeshadow and keeping blush and lipstick color in soft feminine pink.

Blossom & Beauty is on location wedding hair and makeup professionals based in Portland, Seattle and Maui. Visit them at or see their gallery on Instagram @blossomandbeauty.

3. Summer Makeup Inspiration – Sultry Goddess

C.E. Facial Artistry Philadelphia
Photo Credit: C.E. Facial Artistry

This third makeup by C.E. Facial Artistry also shows hair as the main role and eye makeup second. To enhance the eyes, Eyemimo Cluster Eyelash Extensions was applied. The warm matching peachy color for the blush and lipstick appear to be the perfect add-on to balance the semi-coolness from the hair.

C.E. Facial Artistry is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Visit them at or see their gallery on Instagram @c.e.facialartistry.

Hope the three makeup inspirations above will help you go through summer beautifully.


Jenny is Eyemimo Founder | Licensed Cosmetologist | Beauty Junkie | Former Makeup Artist