#PoshOnCampus by @Missxbo

Happy New Year 2017! At Eyemimo, we wish you a beautiful year to come.

Holidays has officially ended; however, we have one piece of festive event that we want to share with you all.

This time is an event hosted by our local San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Blogger, Brittney Buccat, that we got to know her early last year.

The event was a fashionista social gathering at SP2 in San Jose to bring awareness of Poshmark – a mobile app marketplace platform to campus. Eyemimo got the second opportunity to participate at Brittney’s event. Thank you, Brittney for keeping Eyemimo in your mind.

To learn more about the #PoshOnCampus event and Poshmark, head over to Brittney’s post.

Watch the recap of her fun event on the video below. {Video Credit goes to Geremy Magbanua}

Here are some of the photos during the event.

PoshOnCampus Missxbo

The party

Brittney Buccat Missxbo

Brittney Buccat a.k.a. Missxbo with the POSH balloons

SP2 Restaurant Downtown San Jose

PoshOnCampus San Jose State University

Eyemimo Tester

To learn more about Brittney Buccat, visit her website at www.Missxbo.com.