What is Stem-Cell in Skin Care?

edelweiss flower

Have you noticed that there are skin care products labeled with Stem-Cell on the market nowadays?

It sounds very scientific, doesn’t it?

As for myself, when I first became aware the existence of Stem-Cell on skin care products, it was through Juice Beauty Stem-Cell line, my mind automatically tells me the products must be superior and produced in such an advanced technology that they will deliver whatever they claim they can do.

I tried several of Juice Beauty Stem-Cell line and like them.

Recently, I stumbled upon other brand with Stem-Cell that led me to start becoming a bit curious and asking what does Stem-Cell means in skin care products. Then I went on googling the keyword “Stem-Cell in Skin Care.”

After reading from several different websites, I have an understanding that stem cell for skin care are from plants and fruits. Per article on Real Simple magazine website the kind of plants and fruits that can stay fresh for a long time like Swiss apples, edelweiss, roses, date palms, and gotu kola (a swamp plant). Moreover, the “extracts of those stem cells—not the live cells themselves—are added to skin-care products. “It’s not possible to maintain live stem cells in cosmetic emulsions,” says Zoe Diana Draelos, a consulting professor of dermatology at the Duke University School of Medicine, in Durham, North Carolina.”

To verify the accuracy when you see the product being labeled as a stem-cell cream or serum, do check the ingredients. Either one of the following ingredients should be on the list:

Ferulic Acid
Ellagic Acid

Draelos says “To yield the most potent, stable extract, the fruits and the plants that are the source of the stem cells must be cultivated in a controlled environment, without any contaminants.”

The main purpose of stem-cell added into skin care product is for anti-aging. I read several different articles from different websites. Some articles disagree fruit and plant stem-cell will work to replenish human stem-cell.

Hope this post will shed some light on for those of you are wondering what the stem-cell is.